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Castle de la Sauvenière

MessagePosté: Sam Mar 26, 2016 17:01 pm
par Château de la Sauvenière
Castle de la Sauvenière

4500 - Huy

Bienvenue au château de la Sauvenière

"La Sauvenière"Delve into the old-fashioned charm of olden times in the Château de la Sauvenière… A shielded island within the urban fabric, this domain from the XVIIIth century has remained true to its soul. Its past is maintained in all of its richness, with its preserved period interior. Its life is lived in communion with nature; the guests will be relaxed and revitalized after spending some time in the park and orchards. The place's beauty and harmony will leave you with unique memories that you will never forget."

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